Panic As White Friends’ Rap Singalong In Car Gets To First N-Word


IT WAS a classic window down, volume up kind of drive around in the sunshine with friends Micheal, Elaine, Rebecca and Steve until their good vibes sing along reached its first song with the presence of the n-word. As a fifth passenger joined the car; unbearable tension and panic.

“I’ve come along way on this stuff – I’m basically like a fully actualised ally to all. I’ve finally accepted how deeply offensive it is if I were to enthusiastically repeat that word even in the context of this song which has the n-word fully reappropriated by a person of colour, but I don’t know if Elaine’s been on a similar trajectory of coming to terms with her white privilege as I have. Well, I guess we’ll find out in 8 words time,” a tense Rebecca reasoned to herself in her thoughts.

“Shit, I’m thinking I should nip this in the bud and just quickly reaffirm ‘hey, we’re not lean into that word, right?’ but Michael is the loosest of fucking cannons he’ll just laugh it off and say it even louder and call it banter,” added a worried Elaine.

The friends, who up until this point had been scream-singing along to every word of every song with every fibre of their beings suddenly ran out of steam, deflating amidst faint half-hearted whispers of the song’s lyrics before coming to a complete stop.

“I can’t remember whether if it’s okay to join in on a song when it ends with an ‘a’. There’s not enough time to Google this, we’re two words away,” said driver Steve to himself, contemplating the fact that maybe the next few seconds might be more manageable if he just veered to oncoming traffic.