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On This Day 1920: The First Electric Picnic

HUNDREDS of people are expected to converge on Queen’s County today to witness the country’s first Electric Picnic, which will be headlined by an appearance by US inventor and electrical pioneer Thomas Edison, with support by Four-Donkey Dynamo & The Hydro-Electric DAAAMN. The road from Dublin to the midlands is expected to be very busy… Read more »

Sea Levels To Rise By 10 Inches, Displacing Millions & Causing Refugee Crisis Anyway Here’s Your MTV VMA Highlights

A NEW study has provided the starkest warnings yet about the accelerated damage climate change could do, with the melting of Greenland ice caps seeing a 10-inch rise in sea levels even if carbon emissions are reduced. In the case of carbon emissions continuing at current rates a multi-metre sea-level rise appears likely but anyway… Read more »