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Read Exclusive Excerpts From Bono’s Memoir

AFTER receiving a 1,700 page first draft from U2 frontman Bono, the publishers of his forthcoming autobiography have finally managed to whittle the tome down to a ‘more manageable’ 567 pages, set to hit bookshelves on the 1st November. We’ve had a leaf through the book on Bono’s insistence, and feel we should print a… Read more »

All The Ways Rihanna Hid Her Baby Bump

RIHANNA IS PREGNANT! Perhaps the world’s worst kept secret but we’re delighted for the Fenty Kween and A$AP Rocky. Before we knew we knew that she knew we knew, how did Rihanna keep this all under wraps until her adorable photoshoot announcement? Well according to the Mail Online, Rihanna was obsessed with keeping her pregnancy… Read more »