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Everything We Know About Kimye’s Divorce So Far

MARRIED for 7 Hollywood years, which is 170 in normal years ‘Kimye’, the super power couple comprising Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is no more. But what is going behind the scenes as Kim fills for divorce? WWN Gossip has all the details: Under California law all divorce proceedings must take place on TMZ’s website… Read more »

Courts Rule In Favour Of ‘Leave Britney Alone’ Guy

INTERNET celebrity Chris Crocker has been exonerated after a 13-year battle in the courts over whether or not the world should leave Britney Spears alone, with judges ruling that any slagging of the popstar during her much-covered meltdown in 2007 was ill-judged and cruel. Crocker, now 33, took to the then-in-its-infancy platform of YouTube to… Read more »

Kim Divorcing Kanye After He Has Affair With Himself

ARGUABLY the most high profile celebrity pairing this side of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the entertainment world has been rocked by speculation that Kim Kardashian is to begin divorce proceedings from her husband of 6 years, 12 reality shows and 1,174 endorsement deals, Kanye West. While many presumed the final straw for Kardashian would… Read more »

Exhausted Spotify Team Working Through The Night To Compile Local Man’s Discover Weekly

“For Christ’s sakes Darrell, Aiden doesn’t even listen to experimental industrial noise anymore since the perforated eardrum incident in ’08, he’s going to hate that track,” scoffed Spotify team leader Cheryl Lyons, tasked with overseeing local man Aiden Grimshaw’s latest discover weekly playlist, “we’ve got to get this right, people, otherwise he might drift off… Read more »