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TLC To Ease Up On ‘No Scrubs’ Policy

THE remaining members of popular girl group TLC are to roll back their strict ‘No Scrubs’ policy, following a social media campaign which strongly criticised their 1999 hit song as being ‘blatantly Scrubist’. Scrubs and busters from around the world took to Twitter this week to hit out at the lyrics of the song, which… Read more »

Ticketmaster Website Now Requires You To Solve Three Riddles Before Purchasing Tickets

MUSIC fans attempting to purchase tickets to upcoming music events were left fuming after discovering that the Ticketmaster website now demands the answering of three riddles before allowing the sale of tickets to be finalised. Many would-be ticket purchasers were left empty handed after becoming quite stumped at the brain-teasers, and took to social media to vent… Read more »

One Direction Concerts Cancelled Amid Shit Music Fears

MCD, together with their concert partner, Croke Park, have taken the regrettable decision to cancel the upcoming and highly anticipated One Direction concerts that were scheduled to take place in Dublin. “We had not envisaged taking such drastic action,” read a statement from promoter MCD, “but it has been brought to our attention again and… Read more »