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WWN Guide To Fiddling With Kids

ALTHOUGH frowned upon by society, many people are quite fond of the sound of young children practicing the violin. Whether you’re an experienced violin teacher yourself, or your musical tastes are on the more unconventional side, fiddling with children might be right up your street. Here’s a few tips if you want to give it a… Read more »

Local Man Has Only Ever Listened To Five Albums

WATERFORD native Sean Fannelly has shocked his friends with the revelation that when it comes to music, he has managed to exist on an audio diet of just five albums over his entire life. 36-year-old Fannelly, who cites his music tastes as being ‘all types of music’, has spent a sum total of €0 on albums… Read more »

TLC To Ease Up On ‘No Scrubs’ Policy

THE remaining members of popular girl group TLC are to roll back their strict ‘No Scrubs’ policy, following a social media campaign which strongly criticised their 1999 hit song as being ‘blatantly Scrubist’. Scrubs and busters from around the world took to Twitter this week to hit out at the lyrics of the song, which… Read more »