Framing Britney Spears: The Best Wooden Frames For Your Britney Poster


WITH the exploitation of Britney Spears exploited in a new exploitative documentary now has never been a better time to reignite your passion and support for the singer by finally getting around to framing any old Britney Spears posters you have.

WWN’s Off The Pulse runs you through the best frames money can buy:

Timberfake Frame

Okay, this may not be a real timber frame and is actually made of plastic, but we believe there is no better fitting frame for your early era poster than this fake timber frame, aptly named Timberfake. This frame is ideal for short periods with no real long-term support.

Britney Spears Special Edition Pink Frame

What better way to show your support for Britney than by buying official merchandise from the star herself? Is the money going directly to her or into the pocket of her father who retains control over much of her life? Ugh, this is harder than it looks.

Whitewash Memory Foam Frame

This pliable wood frame is great for when you might want to switch out one poster of Britney for the other. The whitewash memory foam frame alters in size as it intuitively adjusts in size, retaining memories of previous posters. The memory foam works in the opposite way to your own memory which conveniently has no recollection of all the horrible things you said about the singer.

Big Daddy Solid Oak Frame

This solid oak beauty is the perfect frame to encase all manner of Britney posters. With its sturdy impenetrable perimeter, nothing will be able to harm your Britney poster, sealing it away for decades to come while completely protected from unwanted glare spotlights can bring.

This frame is ideal for showcasing shaved head Britney poster, paparazzi attack Britney poster and many more. But be warned, once you affix your poster in this frame, there is no turning back as its one-use adhesive backing will rip your poster to shreds upon removal.