Public Asked To Stay Away From Cork Ghost Ship Until It’s Fully Exorcised By Priest


CORK County Council has warned members of the public to stay clear of the MV Alta shipwreck at Ballyandreen until its fully exorcised by a local priest.

“The problem with ghost ships is that they’re haunted and full of ghosts,” pointed out a CCC source, of the 44-year-old ship which was abandoned by its crew in October 2018, “God knows what kind of demons and spirits lay within its decks”.

Already 23 people have become possessed by rogue spirits after entering the ship, with local priest and exorcist Fr. Pat Casey being drafted in to rid the vessel of any entities.

Packing two cylinders of holy water on his back and a large power hose type contraption, Fr. Casey expects this mission to last several days, stating this could be his most challenging exorcism to date.

“I’ve had years of experience with Irish ghost estates which were left abandoned by developers, so I know my way around this kind of thing,” Fr. Casey gave, blessing his holy water again, just to be sure, before then doing a dramatic pump action on his hose. “You don’t want to just go in there willy nilly, you’ve got to be prepared for anything that may arise so I’ve also packed a spare waterproof copy of the Old Testament, just in case”.

Flipping down his night-vision goggles and flanked by four specially trained altar boys armed to their teeth with crosses, Fr. Casey’s team are expected to enter the ship later tonight to expel the ships demons, before then emerging triumphantly on Friday.

“”It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it,” the Catholic priest said, before promising, “I’ll be back… but not like a Jesus ‘I’ll be back’ when he never returns way, more of a realistic ‘I’ll be back'”.