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All The Ways Rihanna Hid Her Baby Bump

RIHANNA IS PREGNANT! Perhaps the world’s worst kept secret but we’re delighted for the Fenty Kween and A$AP Rocky. Before we knew we knew that she knew we knew, how did Rihanna keep this all under wraps until her adorable photoshoot announcement? Well according to the Mail Online, Rihanna was obsessed with keeping her pregnancy… Read more »

Maternity Hospitals To Ease Restrictions & Allow Partners To Attend Conception Of Child

RESPONDING to calls from pregnant women for maternity hospitals to ease restrictions over partners attendance at scans and births, hospitals have confirmed after much deliberation they have agreed to allow fathers to be present for the conception of their child. Relenting to protests and couples’ calls for an empathetic approach to women giving birth now… Read more »

Local Mother Preferred Your Last Boyfriend

NOT MEANING to stir the pot or stick her oar in where it’s not wanted, one Waterford mother has remarked under her breath that, if you want her opinion she can never understand why you let a nice decent fella like Mark slip through your fingers. WWN has learned that these comments, judged to be… Read more »