Pregnant Woman To Deliver Child Indoors In Pub So Partner Can Attend Birth


AFTER her pleas with a maternity hospital fell on deaf ears an enterprising mother-to-be has decided to give birth in her local pub so that her partner can be present for the birth of their child.

“It’s not just about him being there in fairness, my local do chicken wings that are out of this world,” Sarah Clancy, 8 months pregnant, told WWN, explaining her continued frustration at some Irish maternity hospitals’ reluctance to allow partners to attend for the entirety of labour.

While the HSE has issued guidelines to maternity hospitals around allowing birth partners access many maternity hospital managers continue to operate limited and restrictive access.

“The HSE won’t update the guidelines in the case of partners being fully immunised, as mine is, and the Dept of Health don’t seem fucking interested at all so since indoor pubs are good to go from Monday, The Drunken Sailor down the road is officially my birthing pool,” added Clancy.

Husband John is said to be over the moon at the decision.

“God forbid anything bad were to happen and it was a case Sarah was in distress or needed me to advocate on her behalf but now it’s just a relief I won’t be forced off the premises if I’ve ‘overstayed’ my time. Dave the barman here knows us well and said I can stay as long as I have my Covid Cert,” shared John.

Clancy is believed to among a growing number of pregnant women seeking alternative places to give birth which would allow the presence of their birthing partners such as cinemas, hotels, gyms, shops and Dublin Zoo.