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Uh-Oh! Rising Inflation Not Just Affecting The Poors Anymore

DESPITE the ever-growing expansion of the rich and poor divide not making much of a dent in the middle class psyche over the past few decades, suddenly the cost of living has become an issue for the once comfortable portion of the nation, WWN has learned. Previously ignoring daily news stories of mass homelessness and… Read more »

Annoying Family On TikTok Think They’re The Flemings

LOCAL AUTHORITIES and the gardaí have been inundated with calls from the public, begging them to intervene in the case of one family on TikTok who clearly think they’re the next ‘Flemings’. “Doctors might say you can’t die from cringing at people’s videos but I have,” confirmed one TikTok user after stumbling upon the Mannigan… Read more »

Christmas At The In-Laws, A Survival Guide

WHETHER IT’S your first or 15th Christmas with the in-laws, it can be a testing time and a huge undertaking. If you’re unsure how to navigate the treacherous territory of oddballs uncles, stressed out mother-in-laws and boozed up neighbours who’ve just popped in for 8 hours of board games, then here’s your essential survival guide:… Read more »

“Well, Sure You Know What Your Father’s Like”

ABSENTMINDEDLY trotting out her go-to phrase she hopes diffuses whatever family tensions have arisen now, local mother Eve Carton has once again confirmed “sure, you know what your father’s like”. “I don’t even listen to whatever the kids are complaining about now, I just read the frustration on their faces and tell them he’s not… Read more »