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“No One Brings Me Anywhere” Local Grandmother Claims

A COUNTY Waterford pensioner has come out with fresh revelations to complete strangers today in a bid to taint her immediate family as ‘narcissistic assholes’ who apparently never bring her anywhere, WWN can confirm. Gladys Joyce, a widow of 15 years, slammed her sons and daughters for never calling in for her when they’re going on family drives, stating ‘no one… Read more »

Local Mother Looking Great These Days

ONE LOCAL WATERFORD mother is receiving rave reviews from her children who are insisting she must have done something to her hair because she is looking great these days, WWN can confirm. Patricia Dreenan, a 59-year-old mother of three, has had praise heaped upon her in both private and public settings by her children who… Read more »

Parents Hold Secret Ballot On Which Child They Prefer

The Higgins household had been the scene of ferocious campaigning in recent weeks as rumours of a secret ballot being held reached the children of the family Emily and Josh. Parents Patrick and Nuala had planned to carry out a secret ballot for some time in order to decide once and for all who was… Read more »