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Housewide Panic As Local Mother Joins TikTok

CONVENING an emergency meeting in the hallway of their home, the children of Waterford woman Deirdre Power are dealing with a full blown crisis. The severity of the situation became clear as teenagers Ellen, Caoimhe and Ronan heard the load unrelenting cackling of their mother who has spent the last hour laughing at and singing… Read more »

Local Kid Expecting Interest Next Time He Sees Grandparents

ALTHOUGH the cancellation of payments to visiting grandchildren has come as a huge relief to elderly citizens around the country, WWN has discovered that a nefarious plot by ruthless kids to impose ‘missed payment’ fees may result in financial ruin for some pensioners. “A lot of grandparents took advantage of the so-called ‘payment holiday’, believing… Read more »

Family On Bikes Terrorise Footpath

WATERFORD Gardaí have warned local residents to be on the lookout for a family of five riding bicycles on the footpath and the road after receiving dozens of reports from people being terrorised by their careless riding spree. The group of maniacs were first reported earlier this morning heading west from the city centre, with… Read more »

“No One Brings Me Anywhere” Local Grandmother Claims

A COUNTY Waterford pensioner has come out with fresh revelations to complete strangers today in a bid to taint her immediate family as ‘narcissistic assholes’ who apparently never bring her anywhere, WWN can confirm. Gladys Joyce, a widow of 15 years, slammed her sons and daughters for never calling in for her when they’re going on family drives, stating ‘no one… Read more »