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Dad Proudly Finishes Job That Didn’t Need Doing

WATERFORD dad-of-three Mark Sewell has re-joined his family indoors for the first time in over 6 weeks, having taken himself to the garden in early July to ‘do a few bits’, WWN can report. “Good to have that done” said Sewell, sitting with his family for a rare lunch together. “Took a bit longer than… Read more »

Family At It Already With The Pumpkins

THE fact that it’s still September has not deterred one Waterford family from kicking off pumpkin carving season, with their modest 3-bedroom home already filling up with intricately carved, slowly decaying squashes and gourds. “What the fuck are they like” sighed a neighbour, watching as the O’Maoinligh clan put another jack-o-lantern out on the front… Read more »

Grandmother’s Donations To Grandkids Investigated Following Financial Irregularities

YET another charitable organisation in Ireland has been called into disrepute this week, following allegations that Waterford grandparent Elsie O’Daid’s visitation payments to her 8 grandkids may not be above board. O’Daid, part of the Grandparent Charity group which makes secretive payments to their grandkids without their parents knowledge, is alleged to have missed payments… Read more »

BREAKING: Kid Can’t Be Fucking Serious

NORMALLY loving and patient parents Una and Liam McCormick have spent the last 5 minutes cursing the existence of toddler Noah McCormick after his ‘bulldozer through a brick wall’ style entrance into their bedroom at 6.21am. “Sooner that fucking kid learns what a fucking Sunday lie in is, the better,” confirmed Liam, who has nothing… Read more »

Local Family Has Some Waft Of Fabric Softener Off Of Them

A COUNTY Waterford family have been called out by friends and neighbours for using far too much fabric softener, leaving their clothes reeking of fresh smelling perfumed whatever it is, WWN can confirm. “We secretly call them the Lenor Whores,” long-time neighbour Janice Holden revealed, claiming the Byrnes must go through tonnes of fabric softener… Read more »

Grandmother Didn’t Think ‘Retirement’ Would Mean ‘Become Full-Time Childminder’

HAVING ‘hung up her boots’ after nearly 50 years of employment, 66-year-old Waterford grandmother Eilish Cannaghvan is looking forward to spending her retirement relaxing, apart from the 8 hours a day she’s going to spend dropping off and collecting her 3 grandkids, as well as feeding them, entertaining them and generally being their full-time childminder…. Read more »