Uh-Oh! Rising Inflation Not Just Affecting The Poors Anymore


DESPITE the ever-growing expansion of the rich and poor divide not making much of a dent in the middle class psyche over the past few decades, suddenly the cost of living has become an issue for the once comfortable portion of the nation, WWN has learned.

Previously ignoring daily news stories of mass homelessness and 637,000 people living in poverty in Ireland – 190,000 of them children – the Irish middle class demanded action from their government, you know, the government they pay wages to and sometimes vote for.

“It’s like my salary isn’t enough to cover having the heat on full blast 24/7 with the windows open anymore,” one surprised local businessman and homeowner explained, “I’m feeling this weird sensation which I can only describe as dread and despair and I can’t for the life of me shake it, so someone needs to do something about that right quick or there will be hell to pay”.

“I think I read about how poor some people are once, but I never imagined that I’d have to actually monitor my own spending in any way,” another affected citizen with a decent job said, “if inflation continues like this, I’ll have to seriously think again about the safari trip this year and may have to also cancel my New York xmas shopping spree in November!”

Empathising with their new peers, Ireland’s poverty-stricken offered sterling advice to those struggling to pay for their multiple online streaming platform accounts: “Glad you finally see how tough it is out there, what we need is a society that protects and safeguards all citizens” to which a large portion of the middle class said “Oh completely, but we’ll still vote Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael at the very last minute”.