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Handy Tips When Saving For A Mortgage

SO YOU’VE started on the road which you hope will end with you becoming a homeowner/saddled with debt for 30 years. But did you know that many first time buyers fail to identify simple and effective ways to save for that all important deposit? WWN’s financial expert Freddie Knobbs has those vital tips that could… Read more »

Nation Agrees To Let Grandchildren Pay For All This

THE aging population that currently resides within the Republic of Ireland has humbly accepted the precarious financial prognosis for the nation, which will likely see huge budgetary deficits incurred paid off down the line by their grandchildren. “Ah, I think billions in future income tax increase is a fair trade for the odd tenner I… Read more »

Solidarity! Leading Brands Conclude They Can Make More Money Pretending To Care About Racism

DESPITE major brands pulling all advertising spend three months ago from every social media platform, radio, tv station and  billboard across the world over the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of companies have come together in financial solidarity this week to ‘boycott Facebook’ in a bid to ‘stop hate for profit’, proving once and for all that… Read more »

Average Irish Worker Earns Fuck All

NEW figures released by the CSO have confirmed that Irish workers make an average of absolutely fuck all, with almost 90% of the labour force in the country earning an estimated ‘is that fucking it?’ every month. The data also shows a rise of ‘sweet Jesus where did my wages go?’, as well as a… Read more »