Sound Like An NFT Expert With These Popular Phrases


IT’S THE sound investment/naked pyramid scheme everyone is talking about with just as many seeking to make their fortune from them, but perhaps you’ve absolutely no idea what an NFT is? Well don’t worry, neither do people buying them, and WWN is here to make sure that when chatting with friends you don’t sound like someone of sound financial mind.

Here’s all the NFT lingo you need to sound like an expert:

“No Rachel, listen, I haven’t thrown away our savings. I’ve made us rich with this jpeg of an ape. Ignore the current value, it will appreciate over time. I would have been an idiot not to trust the info of a PT turned podcaster on this stuff” – something every expert says to their spouse.

Not to be confused with a Non-refundable Fungi Token, which Kerry boat tours still sell despite Fungi going missing over a year ago.

“It’s all about the block chain” – I have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s hope this all works out.

“This is a whole new frontier” – I check the current value of my NFT 14 times every minute.

“Hey that’s mine” – when someone right clicks and presses download image on your NFT.

“You really got to get in on this Jedward, Snopp Dogg and Pablo Escobar’s cousin’s bodyguard have all bought NFTs in this collection” – I think I might have overextended myself.

“This unique digital object has real world value, and this is completely decentralised, it’s downright egalitarian” – said by a man now living in his car.