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Local Family Has Some Waft Of Fabric Softener Off Of Them

A COUNTY Waterford family have been called out by friends and neighbours for using far too much fabric softener, leaving their clothes reeking of fresh smelling perfumed whatever it is, WWN can confirm. “We secretly call them the Lenor Whores,” long-time neighbour Janice Holden revealed, claiming the Byrnes must go through tonnes of fabric softener… Read more »

Grandmother Didn’t Think ‘Retirement’ Would Mean ‘Become Full-Time Childminder’

HAVING ‘hung up her boots’ after nearly 50 years of employment, 66-year-old Waterford grandmother Eilish Cannaghvan is looking forward to spending her retirement relaxing, apart from the 8 hours a day she’s going to spend dropping off and collecting her 3 grandkids, as well as feeding them, entertaining them and generally being their full-time childminder…. Read more »

Maternity Hospitals To Ease Restrictions & Allow Partners To Attend Conception Of Child

RESPONDING to calls from pregnant women for maternity hospitals to ease restrictions over partners attendance at scans and births, hospitals have confirmed after much deliberation they have agreed to allow fathers to be present for the conception of their child. Relenting to protests and couples’ calls for an empathetic approach to women giving birth now… Read more »

“Your Uncle? Oh It Was Something To Do With Children, Did I Not Tell You?” Mother Casually Drops Into Conversation

VAGUELY recalling why you her brother hasn’t been seen nor heard for almost 25 years, local mother Glenda Campion confirmed to her daughter Emer that she definitely told her about it at the time, and this wasn’t some big secret suppressed for decades. “Ah, it wasn’t something of anything really. Sure, you remember anyway,” explained… Read more »

Emotional Parents Welcome Arrival Of Third iPad

WITH tears in their exhausted but elated eyes, Waterford couple Ciaran and Sharon Whallin have brought home a bright, bouncing new iPad weighing just under 500g to their kids, to add to the two tablets that they already have. “People say we’ll have our work cut out for us downloading apps and updating things, but… Read more »