Dad Proudly Finishes Job That Didn’t Need Doing


WATERFORD dad-of-three Mark Sewell has re-joined his family indoors for the first time in over 6 weeks, having taken himself to the garden in early July to ‘do a few bits’, WWN can report.

“Good to have that done” said Sewell, sitting with his family for a rare lunch together.

“Took a bit longer than I thought but when you really get into a job, you lose track of time. Anyway, how is everyone here? Aine, you’ve gotten very tall altogether! Sorry I missed your birthday, by the way”.

Meanwhile, Sewell’s wife Carolyn has admitted that she’s been looking out at the garden for almost a month now and cannot see what exactly her husband has been doing all this time, or offer any suggestion as to why he felt it was so urgent when there’s 100 more pressing jobs lined up for him.

“Whatever the hell he was at outside, it wasn’t as important as helping me get the kids ready for back to school, or fixing the rattle in the washing machine, or indeed any number of other tasks” sighed Mrs. Sewell, who is well used to this kind of thing.

“But this is how it is, he’ll get it in his head that the house is going to fall if he doesn’t pull a bit of ivy round the side, or replace a shelf with a smaller shelf or something like that. To be honest, I get more done with him out of the house so I leave him to it”.

Mr. Sewell was unavailable for further comment as he has already embarked on a new project, and has set off to blow 100 quid in the hardware shop on a tool he’ll use twice in his whole life.