Save Time In The Kitchen By Throwing Your Kid’s Dinner Directly In The Bin


AS PEOPLE return to normal working hours and routines following the pandemic, so too do they return to hectic evenings of trying to get a dinner on the table for the family that everyone will love and appreciate.

But rather than stress about beating rush hour traffic home to have more time to make a wonderful meal for your doting kids and helpful spouse, you could save time (and money!) by simply:

1) Let the kids feed themselves

Why spend your few remaining days of youth fretting over a meal your kids aren’t going to eat? Save yourself the hassle and the heartbreak of watching your ingrate offspring poke their food around the plate before wandering off!

Simply cook the meal and throw it straight in the bin, saving yourself time. You don’t even have to dirty a plate, so there’s less washing up to do – bonus! As for the kids? Ah, they’ll not starve.

2) Make every other meal bigger

Who says you need three meals a day? If you stuff your family with a massive breakfast and send a few extra sandwiches at lunch, they should be full enough to coast past dinnertime.

Sure, you’ll miss out on that lovely round-table interaction with them at the end of each day, but honestly, what are you missing? You can see them staring at their phone screens some other time.

3) Just make your own dinner

Honestly, if you just made your own dinner and sat down and ate it by yourself, would anyone notice? We’re betting the family will get to about 10am the next morning before realising that you didn’t say ‘dinner’s ready’. Try it!

Maybe this way you’ll get to eat something you like, rather than whatever is the lowest common denominator meal that everyone ‘kinda’ likes.

4) Takeaway?