Tide Finally Turning For Johnson As Party Accused Of Sexism


A HUGE uptick in fortunes for under siege British crime minister Boris Johnson has seen him snag some long overdue good luck in the form of accusations his party is sexist, WWN can reveal.

“Finally some good news,” said Johnson, now he is batting away claims his sexist party members have been speaking to the Daily Mail direct from 1955, and not being forced to defend sending refugees to Rwanda.

A sexist Mail article saw a Tory Party MP claim Labour Party deputy leader Angela Rayner constantly tries to distract Boris Johnson with ‘Basic Instinct’ style seduction involving the crossing and uncrossing of her legs.

“Sexism is wrong in all its forms and I state for the record that I only picture opposition MPs naked because it helps me concentrate during leaders questions and I love a great set of jugs,” a sombre Johnson noted.

“I really thought the whole ‘send refugees to Rwanda even though we accept asylum seekers from there because it’s run by a dictator’ would take the heat off the lockdown rule breaking but I’m glad we deployed ‘Operation Rayner Is A Right Little Minx’,” confirmed a Tory insider, delighted by how the media just runs with this stuff uncritically.

If suggesting an opposition politician is showing off her fanny isn’t enough to keep the focus off his endless misdeeds or his Finance Minister building a £250,000 swimming in his home amid a cost of living crisis, Johnson and his inner circle have not ruled out shooting the Queen live on telly.