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Truss Has ‘Only Days Left’ To Finish Off Britain

WITH newly installed Chancellor-until-next-week Jeremy Hunt reversing the vast majority of tax cuts she recently heralded with much fanfare, political experts are suggesting Liz Truss has just days to finish off Britain before being forced into resigning. Despite stating she will only accept a P45 from the ghost of Margaret Thatcher herself, Truss is running… Read more »

Date Confirmed For Schofield & Willoughby Beheading At Tower Of London

SUCH has been the disgusting nature of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s queue skipping behaviour, not even massive tax giveaways to millionaires or the pound hitting a 37-year low can distract the British public from what’s really important. And this morning the This Morning hosts have been served severe justice. At 10am this Friday, Schofield… Read more »

FactCheck: Did Meghan Markle Kill The Queen?

A NUMBER of rumours and accusations have swirled online about possible direct role Meghan Markle played in the untimely and sudden passing of Britain’s 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. WWN is dedicated to informing readers through unbiased reporting and as always this publication has worked tireless to separate rumour from fact. Consulting thousands of articles the… Read more »