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Brexit Success As Britain Sign Trade Deal With Venus

THE CONSERVATIVE government is today hailing yet another Brexit breakthrough with the announcement that they have signed a ‘win-win’ trade deal with newly discovered possible signs of life on the economic powerhouse of planet Venus. “This is a triumph for Brexit Britain, today we have signed a trade deal which will see Britain import, tariff… Read more »

Brexit Chaos A Welcome Relief

FOLLOWING months of Coronavirus saturated news seeping into every single pore of media news bodies, Britain, Ireland and the remaining handful of Europeans who care exhaled in unison at a familiar pre-Covid era news story: the UK once again making the centrefold of the world’s latest issue of Fuck Up magazine. In a suspected attempt… Read more »

WWN Obituary: Dame Vera Lynn

THE death has occurred of Dame Vera Lynn in her 103rd year, following a long and difficult battle with disappointment in the current state of the UK and a lifetime of being sick of ‘that fucking song’. In honour of a storied life and career, WWN now takes a look back at the life of… Read more »