Britain Legally Allowed To Smile Again Starting Tomorrow


WITH the funeral of Queen Elizabeth over, the people of Britain are mere hours away from being legally permitted to smile again.

Smiling has, in the days since the monarch’s passing, been punishable with a prison sentence but now that the country’s lower classes have reached their ‘tears quota’ they will be permitted to smile again from midnight tonight onwards.

“We ask the public to be mindful of the fact that while smiling is allowed, laughing will have to wait until next week at the earliest while lifting the ban on unadulterated joy will be looked at early next year” explained chief mourner patrol officer of the Met Police.

“We appreciate and thank all those people who in the last 11 days have received good news; welcomed new children, received jobs offers etc for all refraining from smiling, saving smiles for tomorrow is the most respectful thing you can do,” they added.

The police reminded parents of children who are too young to comprehend what’s going on can be reported for smiling on the dedicated police hotline.

Elsewhere, a number of British subjects have started a sponsored mourning which will see them continue to mourn for years in an effort to raise money for Britain’s largest charity, the royal family.