FactCheck: Did Meghan Markle Kill The Queen?


A NUMBER of rumours and accusations have swirled online about possible direct role Meghan Markle played in the untimely and sudden passing of Britain’s 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II.

WWN is dedicated to informing readers through unbiased reporting and as always this publication has worked tireless to separate rumour from fact.

Consulting thousands of articles the Daily Mail has published in the last week in relation to Markle and the accompanying online comments from rotund red-faced middle-aged men all called Gary, WWN has been able to verify certain information.

CLAIM: Markle killed the Queen.

VERDICT: That bitch did it alright! 100%!

EVIDENCE: The colour of Markle’s skin. You can tell she did it, just look at this screengrab of her sort of maybe half-smiling standing next to the Queen’s coffin. The colour of her skin. She’s no Diana, let me tell you that. The colour of her skin. Who spells Megan with a ‘h’ anyway? She’s brainwashed Harry to make him think the Monarchy is some weird cult. The colour of her skin.

Join us tomorrow when we examine the claim that colonialism had no negative aspects at all. Spoiler alert: it was brilliant!