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UK Government Continue To Complain About Taste Of Shit Sandwich They Said Would Be Best Sandwich In The World

BREXIT MINISTER David Frost has insisted the EU change all the ingredients to the shit sandwich prepared, toasted and partially eaten by the UK government, despite the fact the UK had previously said they believed a sandwich made from faeces would be the greatest sandwich ever constructed by a human. “Even if we wanted to… Read more »

Johnson Delivers Tory Conference Speech With Universal Credit Recipient Suspended From Ceiling In Cage

DESPITE failing to mention Northern Ireland at all during his 45 minute speech at the Tory Party conference, British PM Boris Johnson delighted his party faithful with a vacuous oration that was aided by the presence of a Universal Credit recipient suspended from the ceiling in a cage. “What an odious little creature,” Johnson said… Read more »

Aw This Cute Old Man Shot Dead Someone With Learning Difficulties In The Back And Now Assholes Want Justice

TALK ABOUT unfair! Internet users hearts were melted by this adorable and infirm old man when British MPs came to his aide after he was needlessly forced to stand trial by ‘the haterz’ who claim he is credibly accused of murdering an unharmed man with learning difficulties during his time serving in Northern Ireland. Something… Read more »

Enjoying The UK’s Brexit Hell While Ignoring All Political Disgraces At Home, A Guide

THE UK’s free fall toward international laughing stock and rotten banana republic should be a slamdunk schadenfreude spectacular for any self-respecting, historical oppression-hating Irish person, and yet. Such is the seismic magnitude of Ireland’s political eejitry that going abroad for your political tut-tutting when we’ve got our very own home-grown gombeens can seem a tad… Read more »