Even North Korean State Media Thinks This Is A Bit Much


NORTH KOREA’S STATE NEWS AGENCY has admitted that from afar, it does look a little like Britain has lost its collective mind as Britain’s media outlets lead a mawkish grieve-fest North Korea would even feel was a little ‘OTT’.

Mandatory crying and nationwide cancellation of joy was just the beginning on BBC coverage which made North Korean propaganda and pageantry appear like it was wasn’t really trying.

The mind maddened from having to sustain a nonstop parade of devotion for their Queen, maybe royal correspondents ceased making sense, making deranged comments ranging from ‘meeting Liz Truss is basically what killed her’ and ‘she was well liked in Africa’.

“You must stay here by the palace gates until you have filled your bucket of tears to the top,” instructed one police officer to mourners who had made their own way, absolutely voluntarily, to pay respect to their departed Queen. An incident label ‘a bit much’ by onlooking North Koreans.

Elsewhere, a Devonshire man turned himself in to police after he admitted to laughing at a meme about the Queen’s death. He is expected to be sentenced to at least 10 years in prison.

Other scenes sycophantic North Korean news hosts found to be ‘a tad cringe’ included anyone in receipt of benefits being required to use welfare payments on flowers for the Queen, and starving children turning up to food banks only to find them closed being told to ‘have some sense of perspective, the Queen is dead’.

“Even we’d let the football go ahead if Kim popped his clogs, some comedy on TV too” chuckled a pair of North Korean anchors.

Meanwhile, the BBC prompted much viewer outrage and criticism after airing extensive spoilers for the end of the Netflix drama The Crown.