‘Saw It On Someone’s Insta Story’ Now A Valid Source For 100% Factual News


ALL accepted measurements for the veracity of news, reporting and facts have been jettisoned for the wholesale embracing of ‘saw it on someone’s Insta story’, with huge implications for reality WWN understands.

“Be it idle local gossip, unverified tales of friend-of-a-friend met Daniel O’Donnell and says he’s a prick or anything related to major political upheaval, as long as it takes the form of a screenshot of an Instagram story its contents are now irrefutable and 100% trustworthy,” shared lecturer in journalism Mark Cassidy.

“Some information and communication methods are more trusted and in recent years the Insta story has supplanted the BBC for unbiased factual news, and if you don’t me believe just check out this Insta story from my mate in work’s girlfriend’s friend,” added Cassidy.

With the way we consume, absorb and critically engage with news changed forever in the age of the internet, many people remain highly sceptical of verified news sources and even more highly prone to believing absolutely fucking anything provided it’s a text heavy Insta story entry with a bunch of arrows on it accompanied by shocked face emojis.

“We tried teams of journalists, producers and editors working together ensuring every angle of a story is covered and verified to the highest standards, but nothing gets people believing something like an Insta story, preferably from a public figure resharing it to their followers,” explained one Pulitzer Prize winning Instagram story gossip hound.

UPDATE: this reporting has been called into doubt following the appearance of an Instagram story with the thinking face emoji alongside the words ‘not buying it myself’.