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Woman’s Friendships Mainly Consists Of Friends Posting ‘🔥’ Under Each Others Pics On Instagram

AN EXTENSIVE analysis carried out by the Institute for Studies of local woman Grainne Cunningham’s social media activity appears to confirm that the entirety of her online friendships consist of dispatching the fire emoji beneath photos. “Whether it’s a confessional status update, a picture of a night out, self-deprecating ‘what am I like’ posting or… Read more »

‘Saw It On Someone’s Insta Story’ Now A Valid Source For 100% Factual News

ALL accepted measurements for the veracity of news, reporting and facts have been jettisoned for the wholesale embracing of ‘saw it on someone’s Insta story’, with huge implications for reality WWN understands. “Be it idle local gossip, unverified tales of friend-of-a-friend met Daniel O’Donnell and says he’s a prick or anything related to major political… Read more »

Relieved Woman Logs Back Onto Instagram For Daily Dose Of Obliterating Her Self-Esteem

HAVING being kept away from her main source of confidence draining, soul eroding habit of needlessly comparing herself to friends and complete strangers, relieved local woman Aoife Grainger successfully loaded up her Instagram app after a brief worldwide outage lasting several hours. “I couldn’t cope, I had this nice calm sense that maybe I was… Read more »

Thousands Of Newsfeeds Affected Following Syrian Chemical Attack

A CHEMICAL attack which continues the incalculable suffering endured by innocent civilians in Syria has tragically interrupted thousands of people’s routine of mindlessly scrolling through their social media feeds, WWN understands. Penetrating newsfeeds with pinpoint precision, the chemical attack in Damascus suburb of Douma, has left thousands affected by the inconvenient realisation that the 7-year… Read more »

“I ‘Unplugged’ From Social Media & So Should You” Confirms Annoying Friend

A LOCAL man from the Waterford area of Ireland, identified by his friends as ‘extremely annoying’ has been hailing the benefits of ‘unplugging’ from social media, WWN has learned. ‘Unplugging’ from social media is whereby an individual quits social media websites and apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter before never shutting up about… Read more »