“Link In Bio” Queen Joins Instagram To Sell Diet Pills


Queen Elizabeth II has today joined Instagram and made a historic first post as Great Britain’s presiding monarch, endorsing diet pills with an exclusive 10% discount if you use the code ‘QUEENIE10’.

Posing in her hallway in a number of selfies and photos before presumably heading out for the night with her ‘huns’ ‘girlos’ or ‘squad’ the Queen posed with a bottle of Lean and Mean appetite suppressant pills, adding the hashtag #ad to indicate she was being paid a fee to promote the product to her easily influenced followers.

Not everyone is pleased to see the Queen join Instagram however.

“Her fans are impressionable and can often be naive, she shouldn’t be using her influence and platform to push these products,” explained one concerned parent of a 90-year-old set of twins who follow the Queen’s every move on social media.

The Queen didn’t stop there as she posted several more photos to her Instagram story which included a picture of her lunch, her posing beside that pink tree in Notting Hill before adding a boomerang shot of her downing a cocktail in a cool looking bar in Shoreditch.

Experts fear this is just the beginning for the Queen on Instagram.

“All our sources indicate she’ll be posing with a box of FitTea, ‘hair vitamins’ and ingestible tanning tablets by Sunday. Posting ‘work out’ photos in full make up within hours and posting a throwback bikini picture from 1953 before adding ‘bring me back, can’t wait for Ibiza next month'”, confirmed one social media guru.