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Burrito Place Implements Mandatory Tattoo Policy For Staff

APPLICANTS for customer-facing roles at a new Waterford burrito bar will require a minimum of one arm completely covered in tattoos, although people with a face-full of piercings will also be favourably considered. “We can’t be the only burrito place in town where the staff all have their natural hair colour” explained Luke Ingleson, owner… Read more »

Tipping ‘Very American’ States Cheap Bastard

ALTHOUGH the government has announced incoming legislation to protect the tips and gratuities that many service industry workers rely on, one Waterford man has suggested a much cleaner solution; just don’t tip at all. Dad-of-4 Luke Coughlainn has prided himself on never tipping for service in any bar or restaurant in his life, which cuts… Read more »

Dublin Girl To Choke Down Pumpkin Spice Latte If It Fucking Kills Her

YEARS of seasonal coffee deceit has caught up with renowned Dublin girlo Amy O’Cormac-Casey, after her friend Una Lane presented her with an extra-large pumpkin spice latte ‘just how she likes it’. “Here’s the thing, I think these things are absolute dog piss” O’Cormac-Casey confided to us, tentatively sniffing at the cinnamon-dusted beverage. “I’ve been… Read more »

Restaurant Association Backs Plans For Double Decker Tables To Make Up For Lost Business

THE RESTAURANT Association of Ireland is keeping the pressure on the government to lift existing restrictions and have taken efforts one step further with a practical solution which is set to revolutionise the pandemic dining experience. “The government must back our ‘piling tables on top of one another double decker style’ initiative or face the… Read more »