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How Many Energy Drinks Should A Journalist Drink Before They Write A Headline Because We Think We May Have Overdone It Oh God Oh Jesus Christ We Can Hear The Surface Of The Sun

REPORTS that some energy drinks could contain as many as 17 spoons of sugar and twice the caffeine of an espresso have been confirmed by the staff of Waterford Whispers News after a taste-testing session that left the entire writing staff wired for the better part of an entire day and do you know what, it… Read more »

Colombian Coffee Capsule Crop Threatened By Drought

IN COLOMBIA, the coffee capsule harvest threatens to be almost completely destroyed this year due to a severe drought. Farmers have confirmed that the poor growth of the popular capsules have seen them form only miserable, sub-standard aluminum caps. In Ireland, consumers now have to prepare themselves for the arrival of very small coffee capsules… Read more »

Junk Food: The Facts

FOLLOWING the case of one teenager in the UK reportedly going blind thanks to his fast food diet, many concerned people across the world are seeking information on how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Could you be eating such a large portion of junk food that you risk going blind, diabetic, suffering liver… Read more »

‘Share Packs’ To Be Renamed ‘Packs’

LARGER-than-normal sized packs of crisps and confectionary are to be recalled and rebranded, following a landmark legal ruling that declared eating the entire contents of one of these so-called ‘share packs’ is easily within the remit of a single person. Share packs, the slightly bigger version of snacks such as Cadburys chocolates, crisps such as… Read more »

9 Drowned At Irish Barbecue

NINE people have died and four more are still missing, following a Dublin man’s attempts to have a nice summer barbecue in his back garden on what seemed to be a perfectly nice day. Derek Quigley had called home earlier yesterday to tell his wife Eileen ‘not to put on any dinner’, as he had… Read more »