Woman In Indian Restaurant Regretting Jumpsuit


ONE DUBLIN woman making a beeline for the toilets is cursing her decision to wear her jumpsuit to dinner at The Curry Pot restaurant.

Eye witnesses confirm that Helen Crannon suddenly excused herself from the table she was dining at with several friends and was seen beginning the labour and time-intensive task of disrobing and making herself ‘toilet ready’ well before entering the bathroom.

“I told her it was going to be too spicy for her but would she listen?” remarked one smug friend who had half mind to take her phone into the toilet and film the delicate ballet known as ‘get this shagging jumpsuit off me before I shit myself’.

Experts in needing to make a mad rush to the toilet after overdoing it with a vindaloo have maintained for years that poor outfit choices can result in disaster, something Crannon is at great risk of finding out for herself.

“This place doesn’t do the chili pepper symbols on the menu, but on the curry Helen went for it was described as ‘hotter than a volcano is a microwave’ so she should have really thought this one through,” another friend remarked of the curry currently making its way through Helen quicker than Usain Bolt running for the last bus home.

“The clasp, why won’t the fucking clasp…un-fucking-clasp,” a panic sweating Crannon could be heard loudly screaming from the toilets by all patrons, before the tension in the air was thankfully punctured by the load sounds of a machine going off in a toilet bowl.