Arrest Of FTX Founder Should Bring End To Crypto Scams


THE arrest of Sam Bankman Fried, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange firm FTX, in the Bahamas for one of the biggest financial frauds in history has signaled the snuffing out of the digital currency sector’s first, only and last scam artist, sources close to the industry have confirmed.

“It’s not often an industry gets cleaned up and legitimised after a single arrest but that’s just what’s happened here which is great because crypto is such a solid and stable investment,” confirmed someone who refused to disclose how much of his family’s life savings he’s squandered in Dogecoin.

“I’m glad they got the bastard, crypto had such a good rep before this fraudster entered the fray, ruining it for the stand up guys like me. Where was I? Oh yeah can I interest you in some Gatorade Ninja Fart Coin, it’s unique in that it’s actual held on the trapezoid chain,” added another expert.

“And they said crypto bros could never replace Wall Street, well this guy has just lost thousands of peoples’ life savings while enriching himself so take that haters. But the really shameful part is this guy donated millions to the Democrat party and they’re not bailing him out, has no one any morals these days?” added another crypto commentator.

Thousands of ordinary people defrauded of their investment by Bankman-Fried have been told to remain patient as after years of meticulous work by the police, finance regulators and the judiciary all the large investment funds and only the large investment funds will get some of their money back.