Differences Between An Irish Breakfast & An English Breakfast


TO AN outsider such as a visiting tourist the differences between Irish and English breakfasts are imperceptible, and nothing worthy of agonising over and becoming enraged about if and when someone claims one is identical to the other.

Nevertheless, to help you avoid the ire of famously laid back Irish people Lovin’ Waterford has got the definitive differences written down so they are plain to see and irrefutably vast in their divergences.

Irish Breakfast

Juicy local sourced sausages with pork that has been touched by the hand of God himself.

Rashers not bacon, with a sizzling smell that feels like home.

Pudding that crumbles in your mouth in such mouth watering fashion you don’t even think about pig’s blood, not even once.

Traditional soda bread – original recipe passed down by a great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother.

A side of creamy Irish butter personally churned by a fair Irish maiden with long, flowing and untameable ginger hair.

English Breakfast


Watery, runny beans sauce invading every corner of the plate like an ill-disciplined army hellbent on desecration.

Colonial guilt.


Tea weaker than a newborn’s left hook.