Annoying Family On TikTok Think They’re The Flemings


LOCAL AUTHORITIES and the gardaí have been inundated with calls from the public, begging them to intervene in the case of one family on TikTok who clearly think they’re the next ‘Flemings’.

“Doctors might say you can’t die from cringing at people’s videos but I have,” confirmed one TikTok user after stumbling upon the Mannigan family who are operating under the misapprehension that they are a gas family altogether, constantly engaging in hilarious craic.

“We do be awful gas sometimes,” said father Thomas Mannigan who now, along with his family, film themselves 24/7 ahead of what they expect will be worldwide social media fame.

“Sure didn’t the wife spill some water the other day and the kids did this ‘spilling water dance’, well I made them do it. We were fake force laughing for hours so we were,” added Thomas, who has printed t-shirt merchandise of his family online at, which is a solid name in terms of brand building in fairness.

For their part, gardaí say they can’t intervene unless a crime is being committed, which prompted onlookers to suggest surely driving people slowly insane counts.

“They did a video there and they were all wearing odd socks and acting like they were madder than a hornet’s nest stuck up bull’s hole – they need to be stopped,” confirmed a petition signed by 200,000 TikTok users.

Advice to simply ‘stop looking at them’ has been dismissed by the public who labeled such suggestions as ‘absolutely useless as everybody knows it’s impossible not to gawk at a car crash’.