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Annoying Family On TikTok Think They’re The Flemings

LOCAL AUTHORITIES and the gardaí have been inundated with calls from the public, begging them to intervene in the case of one family on TikTok who clearly think they’re the next ‘Flemings’. “Doctors might say you can’t die from cringing at people’s videos but I have,” confirmed one TikTok user after stumbling upon the Mannigan… Read more »

“TikTok’s Dodgy Data Gathering & Links To Chinese Government Fine By Us” Confirms Ireland After Jobs Promise

AVERTING its eyes from any concerning news reports about social media app TikTok, Ireland has already begun unfurling the red carpet to welcome the data harvesting company’s announcement of ‘some jobs’ for the country. “Yiz could be making your app out of the pulped remains of Uighurs for all we care, chuck us a few… Read more »

Housewide Panic As Local Mother Joins TikTok

CONVENING an emergency meeting in the hallway of their home, the children of Waterford woman Deirdre Power are dealing with a full blown crisis. The severity of the situation became clear as teenagers Ellen, Caoimhe and Ronan heard the load unrelenting cackling of their mother who has spent the last hour laughing at and singing… Read more »