Hero Family Made It Through Lockdown Without Doing One Embarrassing TikTok


ALTHOUGH it came close on more than one occasion, the Bannigan family from Tipperary have managed to make it through the Covid-19 pandemic without creating a single horrific TikTok video where they lipsync, dance, or otherwise humiliate themselves.

With the majority of households with kids of a TikTok age succumbed to pressures to produce a ‘heartwarming’ or ‘hilarious’ dance routine, the Bannigan’s credit their ability to ‘block all that shite out’ as the sole factor in retaining their dignity.

“There was a few times when Oisin, the 14-year-old, would say ‘listen will we just do The Weeknd dance routine’ and we’d have to tell him to fuck away off with himself,” said mum Helen, who had quite enough of ‘being online’ after the ice bucket challenge 5 years ago.

“The girls, Deirdre and Elaine, they were going to do some phone prank thing with their Dad but they thought better of it and didn’t bother. We’re a family that appreciates the fact that not everything has to be filmed and put online. Our eldest, Martin, surprised us by coming home after three years in Australia last year. We didn’t even attempt to get it on Joe.ie”.

The Bannigan’s victorious viral-free emergence from lockdown comes as US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning TikTok from operating in America.

“There’s not much I would agree with him on, but he might not be far wrong here” mused Mrs Bannigan.

“If it cuts down on the shite we see from them clowns the McCarthys up the road, I’m all for it”.