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Omicron: The Facts

HUMANITY was warned that not distributing vaccines around the world evenly would eventually lead to Covid mutations that could have further deadly consequences, and here we are; Omicron, the latest ‘variant of concern’ is already cropping up around the world, startling politicians and worrying virologists. As for the rest of us, we’re left to wallow… Read more »

Drug Gangs Takeover Vaccine Deliveries In Bid To Get Supply To Everyone

FRUSTRATED by yet more tales of stilted vaccine rollout in the form of news that Ireland’s projected first quarter vaccine deliveries will actually be more than 50% below initial estimates, the Irish public has taken drastic action. Wrestling all vaccine rollout responsibilities from out of the hands of idle, inefficient and excuse making government officials,… Read more »

Loyalists Renege On Good Friday Agreement Except The Bit Where They Get Out Of Jail

A NUMBER of Loyalist paramilitary groups have written a really rather crossly-worded letter to the prime minister of Britain expressing their dismay at the ongoing Northern Ireland Protocol issues, while also withdrawing their support for the Good Friday Agreement, more or less, there’s a few bits in there they ‘want to hang on to’. “Mr…. Read more »

Lucky Australians Don’t Get Their News From Facebook Anymore

ENVIOUS social media users from across the world have expressed their palpable envy for Australians’ news-free Facebook experience. “Wow, lucky bastards; no crazy aunt arguing with you under the 50 racist Daily Mail articles she’s posted, no old school friend sharing anti-vaxx conspiracy theories. Those Aussies are living the dream,” confirmed one social media user… Read more »