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Things To Get Offended About

SOMEONE WITHIN government or the civil service leaking details of the Mother & Baby Homes report to newspapers. The Sunday Independent publishing it. Meaning this is how survivors first learned details from the report including that 9,000 children died in mother and baby homes. The human trafficking of children by the church. For profit. The… Read more »

Covid Numbers Even Starting To Concern Hardy Bastards

IRELAND’S coronavirus crisis has reached the point where even the hardest of chaws are having second thoughts about walking into a supermarket without a mask, a worrying new report has shown. Whereas tough nuts and hard bastards saw ‘no problems’ with flaunting regulations during the 2020 phase of the pandemic, worryingly high new daily figures… Read more »

Kim Divorcing Kanye After He Has Affair With Himself

ARGUABLY the most high profile celebrity pairing this side of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the entertainment world has been rocked by speculation that Kim Kardashian is to begin divorce proceedings from her husband of 6 years, 12 reality shows and 1,174 endorsement deals, Kanye West. While many presumed the final straw for Kardashian would… Read more »

Remembering Those We Wish We Lost In 2020

IT’S been a year that can reasonable claim to have been worse than 2016, known chiefly for its high death counts among the most beloved and famous people in the world of sport and entertainment. As 2020 took Maradona, Sean Connery, Diana Rigg, Jack Charlton, Marian Finucane, Chadwick Boseman, Olivia de Havilland, Bill Withers, John… Read more »