Omicron: The Facts


HUMANITY was warned that not distributing vaccines around the world evenly would eventually lead to Covid mutations that could have further deadly consequences, and here we are; Omicron, the latest ‘variant of concern’ is already cropping up around the world, startling politicians and worrying virologists.

As for the rest of us, we’re left to wallow in doubt and misinformation as we work out just exactly what impact this will have on our lives. And while not much is known about Omicron, we can say for certain that:

– Omicron is not a mythical single-horned horse from fairy tales. That is a unicorn.

– Omicron is not the celestial antagonist from the 1984 big-screen animated adaptation of the beloved Transformers series. That was Unicron.

– Omicron is not the human hero who helped the Hobbits on their quest to destroy the One Ring, all the while being the secret king of Middle Earth in the classic Tolkien tales contained in the Lord Of The Rings. That was Aragorn.

– Omicron is not an Irish idiot. That’s an Amádán.

– Omicron is not the hard to understand u-turns, contradictions and lack of resources given to fight Covid-19, that’s the Irish government Omnishambles.

– Omicron is not the fictional multi-national corporation that serves as an antagonistic force in the 1987 sci-fi action thriller Robocop. That was Omni Consumer Products.

– Omicron is not a Tomy toy robot from the 80s. That’s an Omnibot.

– Omicron is not a chain of multi-screen cinemas operating in Ireland. That’s the Omniplex.

– Omicron is not a God-like ability to control the fates of the entire universe for all eternity. That’s omnipotence.

We hope this guide has been of use to you, and may God have mercy on our souls.