Chaos As Defence Call Jeffrey Epstein As First Witness In Ghislaine Maxwell Trial


THE OPENING day of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial in Manhattan, New York was adjourned moments after beginning when the defence called its first witness, Jeffrey Epstein, to the stand, WWN can reveal.

Maxwell, who’s guilt was all but confirmed when court sketches emerged of her not wearing her mask over her nose, set the cat among the pigeons with her defence team’s move which prompted the judge to demand order in the court as things quickly became unruly.

Cries of ‘objection your honour we were assured this man was dead’ could barely be heard above the sound of shocked gasps and shouting among the press pack.

“I can’t believe how many times I’ve had to type the words ‘Paedophile Island’ and we were only two minutes into this trial and now this happens,” remarked the now arthritic court stenographer, as a sheepish Epstein made his way to the stand with a polite wave to the gallery and jury.

Maxwell’s hopes of being found innocent took a hit when a jury member was overheard remarking ‘I can’t believe we’re expected to find someone called Jizz Lane innocent’ but the emergence of Epstein could see things turn in her favour.

“Initially, poor innocent Ghislaine’s tragedy was that the very man she sat alongside for decades as he abused young girls and ran a sex trafficking ring wasn’t alive to confirm she absolutely had no knowledge of any it, but then in walks Jeffrey,” explained a defence attorney on the steps outside the court not long after the adjournment.

The trial is expected to last six weeks and continues tomorrow, when it is hoped Epstein can finish his opening response of “it’s actually a funny story…” to the defence’s first question of “can you explain your presence here today to the court?”