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400 True Crime Podcasters Injured In Crush Outside Courts As Regency Murder Trial Begins

AMBULANCES are treating 400 true crime podcasters for minor injuries after they descended on the Special Criminal Court in anticipation of the commencement of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s trial for allegedly murdering of Kinahan Cartel member David Byrne in 2016 at the Regency Hotel. Such is the feverous excitement among true crime fanatics, hundreds of… Read more »

Meet The Irish Start Up Getting Into Business With Hezbollah

AN UNQUENCHABLE thirst for innovation – that’s what’s driving one Irish business group. And that indefatigable desire to innovate at every turn has led the risk takers at Kinahan OCG to partner with Hezbollah, a market disruptor with decades of experience. Using Hezbollah’s logistics software and payment processing system Hawala, Kinahan OCG have already processed… Read more »

“It’s Not ‘Anti-Social’ Me & The Gang Are Closer Than Ever”: We Speak To The Youths Terrorising Ireland’s Streets

AFTER A spate of high profile instances of violence and anti-social behaviour, WWN met up with one of the nation’s preeminent group of troublemakers to discuss their actions. Expecting to find aggressive nuisance makers hellbent on striking fear into the hearts of ordinary people, instead WWN found something else entirely. “Anti-social? Sure, Gizzer didn’t have… Read more »

Best Places To Sell Drugs

WITH a highly competitive marketplace with an overabundance of supply, it has never been harder for a drug dealer to hit their quarterly targets. As the pressure builds and violent threats from superiors reign down your judgement and sales pitch can suffer, but fear WWN is on hand to help you be the best drug… Read more »

Tabloids Calling Alleged Peadophile A ‘Glamorous Influencer’ For Some Reason

TABLOID media and online sites are being gifted dictionaries in record numbers after they insisted on identifying an alleged paedophile as a ‘glamourous heiress and influencer’ in a clear yet understandable error, WWN can reveal. The high profile case in Australia in which the accused, Savannah Daisley, is facing allegations of aggravated sexual intercourse with… Read more »