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We Catch Up With Gardaí Investigating Varadkar Leak

ACCUSED of allegedly leaking confidential documents relating to draft contracts between the HSE and GPs to a ‘not really a mate at all mate’, Leo Varadkar remains the focus of a garda investigation which has lasted well over a year. Public suspicion and speculation remains high due to the long drawn out nature of the… Read more »

Prince Andrew’s 14th PR Team Of The Morning Resign

TRUCK loads of image consultants, PR specialists, crisis management experts, and branding professionals were seen running from Prince Andrew’s residence in the minutes after he confirmed his legal team would be pursuing the ‘that sexual abuse victim can’t take me to court because of the settlement she has with my dead paedophile friend’ defence. The… Read more »

Elizabeth Holmes Asks To See Out Prison Sentence In Metaverse

FOUND guilty of defrauding investors, former Silicon Valley high flier and Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes faces actual regular people time in prison but lawyers representing the 37-year-old have asked for a special dispensation. “Elizabeth has been found guilty of fraudulently claiming her invention, which did not work at all, was going to change the world… Read more »

“Oh No, CCTV Cameras” Laughs Lad Robbing Your Gaff

LOCAL petty criminal Mal Atkinsson has admitted that he took stock of his career and reconsidered a change in lifestyle after noticing the rise in home CCTV security systems, before laughing to himself and continuing with his robbin’ ways. “When I first saw these Ring doorbells and cheap cameras that people were getting from Aldi,… Read more »