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Huge & Sudden Demand For Coal Despite Warm Weather

DESPITE the soaring temperatures in Ireland sellers of the nation’s supply of coal have been inundated with calls from customers demanding the heat source. “Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like it, and they don’t even want the big bags, just one piece and get this, they wanted it crushed and diced up into lines,” shared… Read more »

Poll: Do You Think There’s Enough Exploitative Documentaries About Sophie Toscan Du Plantier’s Murder?

WITH the recent release of eight dozens documentaries aimed at providing the public with their next bingeable series about a brutal murder/rape/cult/serial killer, many experts in streaming content believe there simply isn’t enough exploitative and tawdry entertainment dressed up as serious journalistic endeavours that look into the killing of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier. How many… Read more »

Sniffer Dog Receives Rolled-Up Newspaper In Mailbox

A DRUG-sniffing dog hailed as a hero for helping to uncover over €208,000 worth of narcotics in a Dublin mail centre has vowed to continue his work, despite receiving chilling warnings in the mail from cartels based in the city. “Snitch bitches get stitches” warned one message to Bailey, the 3-year-old Labrador at the centre… Read more »

The Irish Media’s Guide To Blanchardstown

AFTER the shooting of two gardaí, resulting in non-life-threatening injuries, the Irish media has once again descended on Dublin suburb Blanchardstown to paint a vivid picture of a war torn apocalypse that would make the Syrian civil war blush through its debris covered face. Here’s what the Irish media can tell the public about Blanchardstown:… Read more »