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Today In Government Apologies: Selling Babies

THE government has spun it’s ‘big wheel o’ apologies’ and landed on ‘illegal birth registrations’, the fancy new term that it has coined for the practice of the Catholic Church selling babies to wealthy families and doctoring the paperwork to make everything seem legit and the State turning an ignorant eye. As such, the Minister… Read more »

Burglar Sick Of Working Nights

BURGLARY gangs around Ireland are finally getting back to pre-Covid levels, which for them means working in the homes that people, who were working from home in, are no longer working in. “It was rough there for the last few years, everyone was at home leaving very little scope for us to dodge in and… Read more »

Garda Never Gets Go On Door Sledge Thing

A MEMBER of the Garda Armed Support Unit has issued a complaint to GSOC about how he never gets to do anything cool like bash in someone’s front door with that kickass two-handled ‘smashy yoke’, WWN can report. The guard, who cannot be named as it might instigate a garda smear campaign including accusations of… Read more »

All The Kinahan Tips US Authorities Have Received So Far

THE UNPRECEDENTED development yesterday in the fight against organised crime in Ireland saw US authorities issue a $15 million appeal for information, with $5 million a piece for information regarding Christie Snr, Christie Jnr and Daniel Kinahan. Garda sources have shared with WWN some of the public’s brave correspondence which has seen them put their… Read more »