Meet The Irish Start Up Getting Into Business With Hezbollah


AN UNQUENCHABLE thirst for innovation – that’s what’s driving one Irish business group.

And that indefatigable desire to innovate at every turn has led the risk takers at Kinahan OCG to partner with Hezbollah, a market disruptor with decades of experience.

Using Hezbollah’s logistics software and payment processing system Hawala, Kinahan OCG have already processed €200 million worth of sales, attracting the attention of American state agencies in the process.

“While everyone had their eye BRIC countries for future sales and cooperation, we touched base with Hezbollah as they have a presence in emerging markets such as Iran, Palestine and Lebanon – markets ignored by many business people with outdated modes of thinking,” shared a Kinahan OCG spokesperson.

“Our value judgement differentials at Kinahan actually align well in a brand synergy sense with the guys at Hezbollah so we’re delighted to be working with them,” added the spokesperson, before mentioning the company’s lead on the project is currently away on business trying to secure a deal with the DEA.

There have been some culture clashes when it comes to business which is to be expected as the Kinahan group special supplements and Hezbollah’s focus is on weapons distribution.

Those in the same industry as Kinahan OCG have suggested that such deals have been made in desperation as the company suffers major liquidity issues, something the group’s spokesperson denied.

“That’s not true at all, but if you did know of anyone looking to invest. You wouldn’t have Lisa Smith’s number, we’re looking for a connect with ISIS, or look it if you even just had a fake passport, anything,” said the spokesperson, sweating.

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