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Meet The Irish Start Up Getting Into Business With Hezbollah

AN UNQUENCHABLE thirst for innovation – that’s what’s driving one Irish business group. And that indefatigable desire to innovate at every turn has led the risk takers at Kinahan OCG to partner with Hezbollah, a market disruptor with decades of experience. Using Hezbollah’s logistics software and payment processing system Hawala, Kinahan OCG have already processed… Read more »

‘Wind Energy Causes Erectile Dysfunction’ & 5 More Things We Learned From Our Meeting With Gas & Oil Chiefs

PEOPLE who think that wind farms are the solution to our energy needs haven’t considered their potentially lethal side effects, according to a new report released by some of the world’s gas and oil giants. During a press conference we attended, we heard that anyone arguing for renewable energy sources should consider the following: 1)… Read more »

Carpenter Refuses To Work With Wood Anymore, And More Of This Week’s AIB-Style Decisions

BUSINESSES and tradespeople across the country are reassessing the services they provide in the wake of AIB’s decision to implement a cashless policy in their branches, with many stating that they ‘didn’t realise’ that they could stop doing the one thing people needed from them and yet somehow still remain in business. Settling off a… Read more »