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Government Reanimate Zombie Corpse Of JobsBridge, Rename It ‘Work Placement Experience Programme’

“IT’S ALIVE, my God it’s alive” a delighted coalition government said as it looked on in wonder at its diabolical creation which defied the laws of science and workers rights. Launching its job action plan aimed at tackling the current 44% youth unemployment rate in Ireland, the government denied it simply sewed the rancid, rotting… Read more »

Restuarant Not Doing Take Aways Anymore, Fuck Off

AFTER months of pleading to loyal customers to give them a dig out during some of the longest business shutdowns in world history, local restaurant The Lamb’s Leg has decided it will no longer cater for home deliveries anymore and to please fuck off asking as they’re too busy with real customers now, thanks. Forced… Read more »

New Outdoor Dining Rules Revealed

AHEAD of a return to outdoor dining for pubs, cafes and restaurants the government revealed the full range of rules and stipulations which have been met with universal approval from all affected parties, as predicted. WWN can reproduce the rules for dining below in full below: 6 people per table with a maximum combined height… Read more »