Omni Consumer Products Cuts Business Ties With Russia


OMNI CONSUMER PRODUCTS is the latest business and brand to pull its activity from Russia in protest at Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his military’s unfolding war crimes.

OCP joins a growing list of major brands to say ‘enough is enough’ including those who have made headlines previously for tax evasion, slave labour and being major contributors to pollution.

“We can no longer in good conscience sit back and be party to Russian government aggression, we hereby pause production of our ED-209 model over there,” explained OCP’s senior president Richard Jones, recently rumoured to be at loggerheads with OCP colleague Bob Morton.

OCP’s production targets relating to the Enforcement Droid 209, which was due on stream early next year, will be hit hard but Jones suggested their production facilities in China, North Korea and Taliban controlled Afghanistan can pick up the slack.

“Is our parent company the one that supplied the military hardware to Russia in the first place? I can’t possibly comment, all I know is that this is the moral and just thing to do and we are proud to be taking this courageous stand,” Jones added, echoing the sentiments of Mars governor and Rekall company associate Vilos Cohaagen.

OCP’s announcement will be another hammer blow to the Putin regime which now presides over an economy in freefall after similar steps announced by Starbucks, McDonalds, Coca Cola and other leading brands.

“We were never about pure profit at any cost. We just want to be on the right side of history on this,” Jones concluded before a malfunctioning ED-209 laid waste to several OCP board members.