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“That’s Not The Putes I Know” Says Man Unable To Accept Peace Loving Putin Would Stage False Flag Attack At Nuclear Site

SEEKING to clear up what must be a misunderstanding one local Irish man feels he can’t stand idly by and watch Vladimir Putin be accused of the most unfair and unimaginable things, WWN can confirm. “It’s like you’re talking about a completely different person,” offered Waterford man David Farley, as he learned of accusations being… Read more »

Sound Student Left Without Accommodation Reserving None Of His Frustration For Refugees

WITH increased reporting of students having deposits returned for accommodation they had secured for the upcoming academic year due to premises being occupied by Ukrainian refugees, one particularly clear-eyed student has refrained from diverting his frustration towards the one party completely devoid of blame. “My dad is going mad, my mam is stressed t’fuck and… Read more »

Yes, Irish People Were Refugees Once But That Was Different

A LOCAL source has confirmed to WWN that while yes, Irish people in their millions had to flee due to genocide, famine and persecution over the course of our island’s troubled history, but these Ukrainian lads landing over here are ‘taking the piss altogether’. Self-appointed Waterford patriot Ciaran Haffernan took to the Facebook comments sections… Read more »

EU Turn To Israel For Gas As Russia Continue Committing War Crimes On Land That Isn’t Theirs

WITH THEIR conscience preventing them from buying Russian gas, knowing the proceeds would fund the committing of war crimes on land that isn’t Russia’s, the EU has turned to Israel in a bid to supply the fossil fuel. “An occupying force unwilling to honour international agreements nor basic humanity as it deprives people of their… Read more »

“Leo Will Love That” Martin Accepts Zelenskyy Invite For Taoiseach To Visit Ukraine, Next Year

“Absolutely, one hundred percent, Volodymyr, Leo will love that,” sitting Taoiseach Micheál Martin replied to the Ukrainian President who invited him to the war-torn country. The two leaders spoke ahead of a European Council meeting on Thursday and Friday where EU leaders will discuss the European Commission’s recommendation to grant Ukraine candidacy status, with the… Read more »

Ukraine War Entering That Drawn-Out, Barely Newsworthy Phase

IT has been explained to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy that the plight of his nation ‘couldn’t have been expected’ to still be front-page news after three months of coverage, adding that people ‘don’t really like when these things have no end in sight’. Factors contributing to Ukraine’s demotion down the ranks of newsworthy items include:… Read more »