“That’s Not The Putes I Know” Says Man Unable To Accept Peace Loving Putin Would Stage False Flag Attack At Nuclear Site


SEEKING to clear up what must be a misunderstanding one local Irish man feels he can’t stand idly by and watch Vladimir Putin be accused of the most unfair and unimaginable things, WWN can confirm.

“It’s like you’re talking about a completely different person,” offered Waterford man David Farley, as he learned of accusations being leveled at Russian forces occupying the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

The soldiers, at the direction of Putin and his military leaders, stand accused of using the nuclear power plant as a ‘shield’ to store army equipment without fear of being fired on. These accusations are in addition to the summary executions, rape, bombings and torture Russian soldiers are credibly accused of partaking in, something else Farley can’t believe.

“I know it’s a long shot but do you perhaps have Putes mixed with a namesake who happens to be this awful, evil, bloodthirsty maniac you speak of? My Putes is the lad who occasionally goes viral for being topless on a horse, does THAT sound like a guy who would break all manner of international treaties? And potentially stage a false flag attack on the plant? Didn’t think so, maybe it’s a false, false flag false flag thing,” added Farley.

Genuinely shocked by how quickly people rush to judgement these days and besmirch the good name of decent people, Farley sought to do his part to restore Putin’s reputation.

“I know it’s only a small gesture, but I feel the fair-minded among us have to do something. So every time a friend, colleague, family member or stranger on the internet starts sharing evidence of Russian war crimes I think I might just politely ask people to consider what if it’s the murdered Ukrainian civilians fault?” concluded Farley, quite happy with himself.

“I suppose one good thing to realise is a lot of people just aren’t arsed with this war anymore, so Putes doesn’t have to feel too bad about these latest slurs, sure no one is paying attention!”