Yes, Irish People Were Refugees Once But That Was Different


A LOCAL source has confirmed to WWN that while yes, Irish people in their millions had to flee due to genocide, famine and persecution over the course of our island’s troubled history, but these Ukrainian lads landing over here are ‘taking the piss altogether’.

Self-appointed Waterford patriot Ciaran Haffernan took to the Facebook comments sections of dozens of posts today following the announcement that the state had run out of emergency accommodation for families fleeing the war in Ukraine, to complain about how we should ‘look after our own first’, despite also spending much of his day posting about ‘scrounging single mothers’ amongst other subjects.

“A lot of the so-called refugees coming over here are actually economic migrants, who are just looking to take advantage of our wages and working conditions,” said Haffernan, who himself lived and worked in Australia for ten years following the 2008 financial crash, but that was different.

“They say they’re fleeing war in Ukraine, but when was the last time you heard of the war on the news? It barely gets a mention, so it’s time for them to perhaps toddle off back home. Surely there were a few Irish people who went back to Mayo after the Famine died down, they didn’t just stay in Canada of New York or wherever for the rest of their lives now did they? And while we’re on the subject of Ukrainians, I don’t like these Syrian lads either. Off you go lads, your war surely must be over by now”.

Haffernan went on to note that Irish migrants were often greeted with hostility and suspicion upon arriving at their destination, so it’s only fair that he pay that back to anyone arriving here.