Donate To Repair The Russian Embassy Gates


BY NOW everyone will be aware of the tragedy that unfolded at the entrance to the Russian Embassy in Dublin where a set of gates tragically lost its hinges.

Relying on Irish people’s famous generosity the Russian Ambassador has demanded the taxpayer coughs up for repairs, a demand Irish people are happy to acquiesce to with donations HERE.

Donate what you can, no matter how small a sum, you can make a difference.

“Like the Russian government said these tactics are widely used by terrorists so I felt I had to donate HERE,” offered one member of the public, ashamed at what was being done to innocent gates.

“I wouldn’t for a second want Yuri Filatov to think I condoned such actions,” said another Irish person as they donated to the repair fund HERE.

The outpouring of solidarity for a pair of gates has eclipsed compassion for any ongoing conflicts or any that have gone before and displays of generosity are a credit to the Irish people. Please consider adding to this worthy cause.

“I was heartbroken reading that statement from the embassy, poor fellas. The kids won’t forgive me but I broke into their piggy banks and put the lot HERE. I wouldn’t want to feel like I stood idly by and did nothing. Who knows what’s next, people throwing filthy looks? Their post being delivered an hour later than normal or God forbid, someone calling Putin a gobshite? Doesn’t bare thinking about,” added another concerned local.

Elsewhere, the Russian embassy set a world record with its GoFundMe appeal for the gate repairs, becoming the first ever appeal to receive minus money.