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Navalny Arrested For Refusing To Die

AS THE plane transporting Alexei Navalny back to Russia touched down in Moscow, authorities, absolutely not at the direction of Vladimir Putin, arrested the Putin critic, charging him with one count of ‘failure to die from poisoning as instructed’. Charged with a number of other crimes ranging from being ‘critically well’ and ‘still breathing’ Navalny’s… Read more »

Trump Expected To Endorse Novichok As Covid Cure By End Of Day At The Latest

FOLLOWING condemnation from international leaders over Russia’s apparent poisoning of Putin critic Alexei Navalny with novichok, political experts fully expect US president Donald Trump to endorse the nerve agent as a Covid-19 cure for US citizens by the end of the day. “Chancellor Merkel said ‘this is a despicable and cowardly act – once again…. Read more »

“It Really Works!” We Speak To Russia’s Covid-19 Vaccine Volunteers

CALLING a press conference to confirm Russia has ‘successfully developed’ a rushed through Covid-19 vaccine for which he has provided no proof of its supposed effectiveness, leader-for-life Vladimir Putin presented a series of successful vaccine volunteers to Russian state media. Delivering remarkable first-person testimonies of the miracle vaccine while lying in stiff horizontal positions, the… Read more »