“That Annoying Paperclip Thing Was Jeffery Epstein’s Idea”: We Go Inside Bill Gates’ Relationship With Billionaire Pedo


AN interview with Bill Gates’ ex-wife Melinda French Gates has revealed details about the Microsoft billionaire’s relationship with the apparently suicidal pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, which she alleges irreparably fractured the Gates family’s 27-year marriage.

Speaking for the first time since his ex-wife’s interview, company founder Bill Gates added that along with wrecking his marriage, Epstein brought many innovations to the Microsoft family such as:

– The idea of having an annoying paperclip character that pops up offering unhelpful, unwanted ‘advice’ was pure Epstein, and was apparently based on his own technique of harassing people when they just wanted him to go the fuck away.

– While Bill Gates originally envisioned Microsoft Excel as a user-friendly, robust spreadsheet system that would revolutionise the workplace, a brief chat with Epstein made him change it to a house-of-cards that would scramble hours of work with a single errant right-click. ‘Let’s see them trace my under-the-counter money when they’re using this bitch,’ Epstein is believed to have smirked.

– If you’ve ever used the bullet-point system in Microsoft Word, you’ll be familiar with what’s known as ‘Microsoft Word bullet point rage fit syndrome’. Guess who’s idea that was? Yup, none other than Mr. ‘definitely-killed-himself’ Epstein. Why? “It was just the type of him,” is the best guess coming from the Gates camp.

Although many still have questions surrounding Gates’ association with Jeffrey Epstein, Microsoft, the company Gates’ no longer has a role in day-to-day assured the public that all products are working a-OK since Epstein’s death and to please buy something.