‘Hybrid Working’ Certainly Seems A Lot Like ‘Full Time In Office’


THE new ‘five days on, two days off’ hybrid working scheme currently being trialed in a Waterford office sure seems very familiar to staff, many of which believe that this is just a full-time return to the office without any post-Covid evolution whatsoever.

“Incorrect, not at all, this is a revolutionary new way of working” said bosses at McMillan & Whelan, in an all-staff mail to their employees.

“We listened to all our employees during the pandemic, and you all said that working from home was great, you loved it, you didn’t miss the office whatsoever and that the data shows you were as productive as you ever were”.

“That’s why we brought in this whole new work-week that only requires you to only be at your desk from the hours of half eight to half five every day, leaving you the weekend to do any unpaid extra-curricular bits and pieces we may need you to do, from the comfort of your own home. The best of both worlds”.

Puzzled employees enquired how spending up to three hours a day commuting to the office to do the same work that they were easily doing at home could be possibly called ‘hybrid working’, but were quickly reminded about how many people were unemployed at the moment and would love jobs like theirs, and how those new employees probably wouldn’t bitch about it so much.