Man Will Set Up Squarespace Website If It Means Ad Will Stop Following Him Around Internet


HAUNTED by the spectre of an advert for website building and hosting company Squarespace stalking his every internet move, from site to site, video to video, one local has committed to buying a domain and building a website he has no use for if it’ll mean he never has to see the ad again.

“I this point it’s having a negative affect on my confidence and mental health. Seeing nothing but Squarespace ads for 6 months which have creative people making ‘it’ happen whatever ‘it’ is makes me feel a bit of failure. I’m just a lousy accountant,” confirmed local man Trevor Mananam, bereft of the sort of creativity and ideas that would warrant the need for a website.

“I dream of website themes at night now, I’ve had to take drastic action to solve this,” said Manaman, who set up website and used a Squarespace customisable website for a business that doesn’t exist.

Manaman has been made aware of a support group for internet users going through similar challenges and the fact he isn’t alone.

“I bought runners from a sports shop, so now ads for the very same shoes stalk me around the web. As if I might want another 235 pairs of the same trainers? I tried clicking on a million different ads to throw it off the scent, but it keeps coming back for me,” shared Michael, of Stalked By Ads Anonymous.

“To know SBAA is out there is comforting,” Manaman shared, “but it’s no good I know that if I read over whatever story you ultimately publish on this – Squarespace will be there slashing through the content and watching me like some of a hosting site Michael Myers”.